Q: What are they made of?
Contrary to the belief of children, it is not play dough or dough art. The medium I use is polymer clays called Sculpey III and Premo. The polymer clay is available in a wide variety of brilliant colors. No painting is required, although I do write on some of the characters to personalize them. Another popular brand of clay is Femo. When completed they are baked in a regular oven and not a kiln.

Q: How did you learn to make them?
I am self-taught. Many years ago I was in dire straits and needed Christmas presents for family and friends, so I made some out of clay. They were very rough at first, but if they could tell what I was trying to make I was happy with that. People started ordering and that is how Wacki Macki was born.

Q: How did you come up with the name Wacki Macki?
Well, my children and I came up with that name 17 years ago. It is my children’s name put together; Mandy, Carrie, and Kristy. We spelled it with an “i” at the end just to be different and because each of their names end with a “y” or an “ie." The name stuck, and we have never changed it.  
Q: Do you use molds?
No molds are ever used. Each piece is sculpted by hand. Each one is meticulously made by one person, thus they all look the same. The tools used to construct the figurines are; my hands, a toothpick and wire. On occasion, I also use a rolling pin and garlic press.

Q: Do you do special orders?
Absolutely. Let me know what you have in mind or a picture you would like me to bring to life, and I will create it to your specifications.

Q: What do I do if it breaks?
These little creations are fragile like glass and if dropped, or in the hands of children, will break. Unless they have been run over by a truck, they can be fixed. Just figure out how the pieces line up before you start. A very small amount of super glue will do the trick. Hold for 20 seconds and set aside to dry completely. Hot glue does not work.

Q: How do I clean them?
You can simply run water over them and pat dry. If they have been neglected for a long time use a very, very soft bristled brush such as a toothbrush and gently clean, rinse and pat dry. Do not get paper pieces wet.

Q: Are the figurines weather proof?
No! Although they can endure a life time placed on a table, curio shelf, desk, etc., they cannot survive the elements.

Q: What type of guarantee do you provide?
No sale is ever final. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, return it in one piece for a full refund. If it is received broken in shipping, let me know immediately and I will send a call tag for the item. If you break it, I will work with you to help you fix it. I can also make new parts for you if your character has a serious accident.

If you have a question I didn’t cover, please feel free to email me. ~ Diane

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